Music Lessons Near Elm Grove, WI

Music Lessons Near Elm Grove, WI

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Audition like a pro. Sometimes we get so nervous we forget to ask the basics - like even where the audition is, or what the part is, if there are sides available or song styles we should keep in mind... Read More
Start by identifying which of these subjects interests you. Look online for software that is compatible with your computer (Mac or PC). Most software tools have a free version that you can try out... Read More


When I was in my early 20s, I taught myself to crochet from reading books. I decided to make a huge afghan as a Christmas gift. It took me weeks and weeks to create hundreds of granny squares that... Read More
I played this piece perfectly at home, really!” I believe you. There is nothing lacking in your effort, it’s something else. Triumphant after many hours of practicing the student arrives at the... Read More