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Alexsis performance
Categories: Piano Recital
Scherzino Mexicano by Manuel Ponce
Categories: Classical Guitar
Live performance on 6-3-18 as part of the annual Studio of Victoria Sabonjohn student recital.
How to play the basic Latin rhythmic pattern called Tumbao(Toom-Bao)
These are the first three of a set of songs that explores the Seven Vertical Scales of the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization—a tribute to the Concept’s creator, George Russell. Here are the Lydian, Lydian Augmented & Lydian Diminished Scales.
Sonatina - I. Alegretto by Federico Moreno-Torroba
Categories: Classical Guitar
Estrellita by Manuel Maria Ponce
Categories: Classical Guitar
A recording of "Blues For Dwike Mitchell", written and performed by Andy Wasserman; transcribed to notation by Chris Bandy
Categories: Blues and Jazz
Promotional video for Skype lessons on the internet for private students. Interactive and personalized instruction on the internet, customized for you!