Privacy Policy

The following is privacy policy.

Information Collection
  • We collect personal information when you voluntarily sign up for an account. We do not sell or rent personal information.
  • We do not collect or keep your Credit Card information on site. Payments are processed over secure servers of our authorized processors: PayPal, Inc. & BankCardUSA.
  • We use your personal email to communicate with you. We have your consent to communicate with you by email as many times as necessary.
  • We use external mapping service, Google Maps, to show your general geographic location based on street address data you provide in your profile. We do not publish your personal address on pages, however that information displays on pages of mapping service site. We recommend that you show INTERSECTION vs. ACTUAL ADDRESS.
    Example: North & South Streets, Anytown, USA 12345
  • The public can contact you via private messaging. Messages are found inside your account. 
  • We reserve the right to reject and/or discontinue any account, for any reason.
  • You own your content. You are responsible for keeping back-up records of that information.
  • Your profile displays on our public pages. You are responsible for maintaining complete and high quality content.
  • Do not publish copyrighted material.
  • To promote, for the common good of the service, we reserve the right to use your photos, videos, still frame images, and content in any advertising and social media re-posts.
  • Your account is password-protected. We encourage you to change your password periodically.
  • This system expires private data page views, providing added security when you use public computer terminals.

Portions of the Service require cookies.

Editing, Renewing, Account Removal Requests
  • You can edit your account information at any time.
  • To renew your inactive account, login to your account and follow renewal instructions.
  • Account Removal Request - Login to your account and submit a request for removal. 
  Privacy Policy Amendments

We may periodically amend this policy and without notice. Please check this page often.