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Johnny Conga
Submitted: Wed, January 14, 2015 - 11:33am EST
World Rhythm Festival-Seattle WA
I teach Afro-Cuban/Caribbean Drumming and music...

This is my curriculum for my Latin Percussion course:

The study of the Conga drum,

Cuban methods as taught in Cuba today which include: Also my methods developed over 30 years of teaching

Sound development-utilizing the 5 parts of the hand Heel/Palm/Fulcrum/Inner knuckles/and Tips of fingers- balancing of the hands…relaxation and breathing …
Hand exercises which include my S.T.O.M.P method-Slap Tone Open Muffle Palm
Rudimentary hand drumming and approaches on Conga drum
One conga drum, 2 conga drums, 3 conga drums 4 drums

Styles in Mambo, Rumba, Salsa, Son, Latin Jazz, Folkloric, R&B, Pop, Jazz and other styles
Counting and keeping time
Stick control for timbales
Baqueteo patterns -Cascara (shell) of the timbale and cowbell patterns in clave
Abanico- 7 stroke and 9 stroke rolls
Styles on timbales-Danson, Son, Mambo, Rumba, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Bolero, Latin Jazz, Afro-Jazz..

Latin Rhythm Theory
Ensemble performance
The Clave & pulse
6/8 Clave
Son Clave
Rumba Clave
The Clave today
Phrasing with the Clave
Variations on the Clave
Polyrhythm’s in Cuban Music
Latin music and its history

Cuban and Caribbean Rhythms taught are:

Bolero-5 variations
Caballo (Horse rhythm)-with variations
Guaguanco-6 variations
Cuban Rumba-with variations-Havana and Matanzas….Columbia/Abierto (open) 2Conga drums/one drum/New York street style rumba
Abakua-one drum pattern to 3 drum patterns
Plena (Puerto Rico)
Bomba Sica
Bomba Yuba
Merengue (Dominican Republic)
Mozambique-old school NY style/Cuban variations
Cumbia (Columbia)-with variations on one drum to 3 drums
Bembe(Afro) variations
Conga Comparsa(Carnival drumming) with variations
Calypso(Trinidad) one to 3 conga drums with variations
Bossa Nova(Brasil) with variations from one to 3 conga drums
Samba on 2 to 3 conga drums
Songo with 9 variations
Pilon on 2 and 3 congas
Iyesa with variations
6/8 basic one conga drum to 3 conga drums
Guarapachangeo with variations from 2 drums to 5
Ritmo Pa Ca
Jala Jala
Tumbaos (basic rhythmic conga patterns for Latin Dance music) with many variations
Chaonda-lost rhythm…
6/8 Bell patterns on conga drum with variations
Mongo Santamarias tumbaos and rhythmic approaches
Mongos Merengue
Mongos Afro Blue with variations
and a variety of other rhythmic styles/rhythms and playing in odd meters 5 7 and 9

“Cognitive Discovery” with the Drum: A new way of learning how to use your brain in ways to develop your intake of information and how it's interpreted on the Conga drum.

Over 70 videos of performance and learning