Warm up concept

Stu Goodis
Submitted: Thu, April 16, 2015 - 3:53pm EDT
"Warm up concept" by Stu Goodis
Devote 10-15 minutes before each practice to a warm up routine.

Being a Jazz improviser I use an improvised approach to warming up.

Set a metronome to a moderate pace. Begin improvising quarter notes. Focus on even notes and control the volume. Stay as relaxed as possible. After 5 minutes move to eighth notes, then triplets and finally sixteenth notes. In terms of note choices, freely move through scales, arpeggios and modes. Use anything you can draw from your vocabulary. 15 minutes into this stream of constant notes you will be very loose and focused and ready for a productive practice session.

An added benefit is the free approach to improvising that is difficult to achieve within the structure of a song. If you can transfer this same approach to structured changes your solos will be more creative.

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