Vocal Health and Hygiene

Carmen Renée
Submitted: Sun, May 30, 2021 - 9:59am EDT
Great tips to repair and maintain your voice during high-demand times

From time to time every professional singer/occupational voice user will encounter difficulties with their vocal production. Even novice singers/occupational users have difficulties have uses for these exercises and tips. I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Ingo Titze's workshops in person several times during the early 2000s. The straw technique was one I learned at NATS convention in UT. Dr. Titze is a great researcher and very personable! as well National Center for Voice and Speech website: www.ncvs.org

Another very useful technique for voice building and balance is the LIPTRILL. NCVS.org also has information of this skill and it's uses. Considered a "culprit" of causing vocal trouble here's a link to an article about the singer's tongue: http://www.ncvs.org/pas/2004/pres/rainero/Tongue_as_Culprit.pdf Included are discussion about tension, anatomy, hints and exercises.

Useful information for SCHOOL TEACHERS can be found here: http://www.ncvs.org/research_occu.html