Larry Evans
Submitted: Tue, May 14, 2013 - 2:17am EDT
all ready for my gig.
Great piano lessons involve technique. When you develop your playing to be more even and faster the quality and clarity of your performance will increase as well.

I start most students with the Hannon no. 1 exercise. I have discovered that EVERYONE can learn this finger pattern at the FIRST lesson. This gets the fingers moving right away. By playing the keys up and down in a scale pattern the student starts to get physically used to playing the piano. They don't have to read any notes to play it and can develop evenness and finger strength from the beginning. Fun and easy for everyone. Later on I choose the technique book that best fits the student. There are etude books, Fingerpower, Warm-Ups. They all do the same thing so I choose the one that works best for the student Any student who learns the piano must eventually have strong arpeggios and scales.

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