Practice Tips

Barbette Falk
Submitted: Sun, January 19, 2014 - 9:24pm EST
Practice efficiently and you will make great progress. Always warm up sufficiently on scales, etudes, long tones before playing pieces and songs/tunes just as a runner would stretch for a marathon!

Warming up will ready you for meatier things to come in your musical making experience! Practice long tones, scales and etudes slowly using lots of air BEFORE playing tunes and songs/pieces.

Practicing technical etudes will increase your TECHNIQUE. They are a necessary part of any well-schooled musician's chops. No matter what style of music you are learning, you need to build technique and reading ability. Pianists should also work on scales and arpeggios, the foundation of Western music. Practice with good posture, good hand position and curved fingers, while also using your forearms to add strength and flexibility to your music playing.

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