I Wish I Could Sing..

Joanna Manring
Submitted: Mon, July 14, 2014 - 2:47pm EDT

I hear this earnest comment all the time. Other variations: "I can't carry a tune to save my life!" "I'm a terrible singer but I always wanted to sing." "You don't want to hear me sing!" and "Are people born tone deaf or can they learn?" Although I can't promise you'll be bringing down the house at karaoke night right away or singing solos in your church choir next week, I can say this: you CAN sing. The question is how badly do you want to? How much time are you willing to put toward finding your voice? What kind of risks are you willing to take? Singing can seem very elusive because it is not precise. We can't see a finger pushing down a key, it's hard to hear exactly what's going on because the amplifier for our voices happens to house our ears too (our heads), and early on, it's hard to feel the difference between certain pitches when we sing them. Singing involves hearing (ears), processing (brain), approximating, and executing tones (larynx and body), so there's a lot that can interfere with hearing the voice you fantasize about coming out of your own mouth. Although it takes lots of patience and persistence, it is entirely possible to learn how to sing, even if you've had little experience. If you're someone who can commit to learning and practicing, you will make progress. I can help.