How Cool Was Leonard Bernstein?

Submitted: Tue, April 15, 2014 - 12:43pm EDT
Leonard Bernstein knew much more than he could pass on to most, because most cannot absorb so much.




"I've met great, amazing minds in my career, some of whom may be reading this, and one thing is common: They do not let on all they know, to the public or to acquaintances and even most colleagues, because their knowledge is too far reaching, and too advanced  for most of humanity, including most common high level  experts, to comprehend. So, very wisely, they let their music, their poetry, their essays, their sculptures, their cuisine, their easier to comprehend, theories and discoveries, do the talking." -Ney Mello


Leonard Bernstein on why he conducted Tristan und Isolde so slow.


"And i think, if I've succeeded at all, it is to convey that essence of timelessness, where you stop all the clocks in the world and you operate only in terms of Wagner's clock, which is of course, an extraterrestrial one."

--Leonard Bernstein

The quote happens right after 1:37:31


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