Ella Fitzgerald sings "Summertime" -- A Master Class in Authenticity

Ghenady Meirson
Submitted: Sat, July 13, 2013 - 10:09am EDT
Photo: Ella Fitzgerald in 1968 (Courtesy Fraser MacPherson)

Greatness lives and shines in live performances. I am a fan of "live" both in concerts and recorded live.

The word 'authenticity' is big and overused. Without getting philosophical, it is a huge part of how artists differentiate one from another, particularly when it comes to iconic standards.

In music genres based on improvisational structure, interpretations of standards vary widely and take on a new life.

In the classical word, where the notated page is the 'law', differentiation is more complicated and is a subject for another article.

Either way, a mark of a great artist is the ability to take ownership of an interpretation, boldly and convincingly, and with no worry about differentiation. That's authenticity.

Today, I am learning from Ella Fitzgerald and I am very grateful for her wonderfully documented work.

Watching the video of Ella singing "Summertime" I feel completely embraced by her world in a very profound way.

Artistry at its best. The end.