Daily Practice Habits - Section 1

Adam Sweet
Submitted: Fri, May 3, 2013 - 12:26pm EDT
Daily Practice Habits - Section 1: How To Divide Your Time

Daily Practice Habits - Section 1: How To Divide Your Time

I recommend to my students that they divide their practice time into three parts:

First Third: Scale Studies

Scale Studies consists of all of the scales in two octaves around the Circle of Fifths starting with C major and going clockwise, plus the relative minors. Always use all 4 fingers. Practice specific bowing patterns with each scale as assigned by me, or picking patterns for mandolinists, guitarists and banjo students

Second Third: New Material

New Material consists of any new working material as assigned by me. It can be etudes, exercises and new pieces or melodies. Practice one measure at a time. Don't go on to the next measure until you have mastered the first. Practice very slowly. Once you have a section mastered, then increase the tempo by one notch a day until you can play it up to speed by the end of the week.

Third Third: Review

Review consists of reviewing and playing over any old material as assigned by me including all old etudes, exercises and pieces or melodies.

Each section should take no less than 10 minutes a day and no more than an hour a day, depending on the student's skill, level and available time.

Daily study is imperative. If you can only practice one third, then you must perform your Scale Studies MINIMUM. This is required.