Benefits of early piano lessons

Maria Hubler
Submitted: Wed, January 16, 2013 - 2:01pm EST
When children start music lessons earlier in life, the benefits are numerous. These benefits continue even after the child grows up and stop lessons. Music lessons early on promotes concentration which helps children strengthen their learning skills.

Music lessons at a young age strengthen a range of auditory skills, improves reading, memory and attention span. Which can translate into scholastic learning. That is why the Suzuki method is so effective, it works on auditory skills, which strengthen the brain's ability to discern the components of sound: pitch, timing and timbre. So when I teach a Suzuki lessons, not only your child will be benefiting from learning these skills, but also having fun while doing it. We ( the parent, student and teacher) work together as a team to assure that the child is enjoying their time at the lesson and practicing at home. Students can start as young as 3 and half years old.