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02/06/2017 - 3:20am by andywasserman
Start by identifying which of these subjects interests you. Look online for software that is compatible with your computer (Mac or PC). Most software tools have a free version that you can try out... Read More
02/04/2014 - 1:55pm by rand503
I recommend that for any beginners including children, that they commit to at least 15 minutes every single day. At the beginning stage, it is and how much time he practice but that you practice... Read More
05/14/2013 - 2:17am by larryevans
I start most students with the Hannon no. 1 exercise. I have discovered that EVERYONE can learn this finger pattern at the FIRST lesson. This gets the fingers moving right away. By playing the keys... Read More
01/16/2013 - 2:01pm by mariah
Music lessons at a young age strengthen a range of auditory skills, improves reading, memory and attention span. Which can translate into scholastic learning. That is why the Suzuki method is so... Read More
12/30/2012 - 8:06pm by ghena
Art Tatum's piano artistry is legendary. This video example speaks to the very subject described in Josef Lhevinne's book Basics Principles of Pianoforte Playing. Josef Lhevinne was an... Read More