Music Lessons Near Wilmington, DE

Music Lessons Near Wilmington, DE

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Piano vocal coaching - Russian Opera Workshop 2012
Queen of Spades

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Greatness lives and shines in live performances. I am a fan of "live" both in concerts and recorded live. The word 'authenticity' is big and overused. Without getting philosophical, it is a huge... Read More
Here is a rare footage of the great violinist Jascha Heifetz at the piano, yes at the piano, accompanying his student in a Bach concerto in A minor. This film clip is from the series of violin... Read More
Effective and Efficient Practice for Voice Lessons and Singing Success 1. Establish a time and place to practice daily. Write it in your planner or schedule it on your phone. 2. Pick 2 goals... Read More


Making a living in music after moving to a new city is not easy. It is really hard to know what to do, the hardest thing, I haven’t gone straight into freelancing I would have not survived this time... Read More
Recently, I spent an afternoon with art at The Barnes Collection in Philadelphia. It is a private collection of impressionist and modern art, and mostly works by Renoir and Cézanne. It is wonderful... Read More
Dear Students, Parents, Friends and Fans, I simply cannot believe how quickly this beautiful season has flown! There is so much going on at The Studio of Valley Forge! Janellen Farmer has continued... Read More