The State of Jazz and Music in General Yesterday,Today, and Why...

Submitted: Sun, March 24, 2013 - 7:57pm EDT
Real talent is an infrequent gift . Western society has so far discouraged the inner state of being that permits real talent to be cultivated. Most musicians are cut off from it as a result. Let's examine it!

In my experience, things are turning around slightly faster than foreseen...However, this interview presents a very accurate analysis overall. There are. as stated in the video, too many musicians that are technically excellent but cannot connect with an audience musically, because they themselves cannot experience music completely, as does the true artist to whom people want to listen to in any genre.

They can only provide the unpopular results of  technical/intellectual craft training in a state of isolation from the esential musical realities...but they specifically fall short of connecting with the spontaneous inspired music from within as expressed through high level technique. This is natural. Actual musical talent is  rare and a gift to be developped and cultivated. Yet, musical craft is readily obtainable by anyone who is willing to work for it.

Nature does not produce real artists in large numbers and many people want to be musicians for the wrong reasons such as  social attention, easy glamour, and fame. Back in the day, musicians could live well just on pure technical craft in large bands or as background party bands without being gifted and inspired. The large public was not really listening. It was dancing just like today...There was a large, mass public demand for dance music craft, but not for inspired musical art.

Today the jazz public is still small and demands real artists, not simply brilliant craftsmen able to superficially recite the music of the past. Major labels dropped even real jazz artists, because old school labels lived on vast mass sales profits. Jazz is not a mass public music for active listening purposes. It was and is popular still, but it is not mass listening music. Never was...Only when it was used for dance ( not listening in concerts ) was it popular enough for major labels' massive profit margin requirements.

Moreover...even in the past, there were very few artists who were listened to -as is today- but only because they were inspired, and inspired artists are statistically not produced by nature in large numbers today or yesterday. Craftsmen are being be made today and were also made in the past, but inspired talent is naturally rare today and was rare in the past as well....

The specialized jazz public, can tell the difference and only listens to inspired talent expressed through virtuoso level technique...It is not moved or touched by the majority of musicians who play music as craft or intellectual exercise, and for other extraneous personal reasons.

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