Piano Lessons in a home studio!

John O'Keefe
Submitted: Wed, May 7, 2014 - 11:05pm EDT
Studio Piano

"At John O’Keefe Music Studio my daughter thoroughly enjoys learning to play the piano. The comforts of an in home studio make for a relaxing setting which eased my daughter into her first music lessons. Throughout her three and a half years here she has transpired into a young pianist that truly enjoys playing music.

The studios up-to-date equipment has benefited my daughter in many ways. She has gained valuable knowledge through computerized equipment that accompanies her in learning music and special techniques for her piano lessons. John O’Keefe, my daughter’s piano instructor, has taught my daughter many great skills and continues to do so with his vast knowledge and expertise in computers and electronics. John is an admirable instructor.
John O’Keefe is patient yet firm in his teachings. He works with my child on an individual basis making sure the lesson he is teaching is understood before continuing. John’s suggestions for struggling areas in the lessons have always prevailed. Clear understanding is most important for self-gratification which builds my daughters confidence. Her level of confidence is most evident when she is performing at piano recitals. John has taught my daughter to take pride in her hard work.

John O’Keefe Music Studio has been and continues to be an excellent learning experience for my daughter. The knowledge my daughter has gained through John’s teachings is just the beginning of valuable lessons in her life. Thanks to John’s dedication in teaching, my daughter has learned to truly love music and the piano."

Jackie Smith

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