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11/11/2017 - 8:39am by Sharonian
A COACHING SESSION FOR SINGERS by Sharon L. Stohrer Chances are you are reading this article because you want to polish and refine your performance. Perhaps you live in a remote area and... Read More
09/10/2016 - 7:46pm by missyjb2
When preparing to audition for The Voice - one of the first things you need to think about is - do you want to go in person to sing for the producers or do you want to do an on-line audition? There... Read More
09/09/2016 - 7:07pm by missyjb2
Melissa Black is a "classical-crossover" singer, professional pianist and expert music arranger of all styles of music. She is the most sought-after Vocal Coach in the Phoenix area! All of her... Read More
03/01/2016 - 1:51pm by mindfulmusic
If you have ever listened to music, (which, let's face it, who hasn't?), you have at some point listened to a song that has triggered an emotional or even physical response. Have you ever listened to... Read More
02/08/2016 - 10:46am by esbruner
The user unacceptable love asks: How do you avoid singing through your nose? “I sing really good. I’m doing a recording soon actually! But I tend to sing out of my nose and it has a “nasaly” sound... Read More
02/06/2016 - 1:50pm by esbruner
One very good thing about the classical music environment is that there is a high value on the discipline of practice. Structure, organization, and practice with specific, measurable goals are very... Read More
02/06/2016 - 1:44pm by esbruner
These are good questions. There are many voice teachers who teach otherwise, but straight tone, not vibrato, is actually the most natural way to make a sound. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!... Read More
02/06/2016 - 1:41pm by esbruner
Laryngitis is a general term used by most of us to describe when we “lose” our voices. Usually it’s inflammation or irritation of the vocal folds (vocal cords), although it can also be extreme... Read More
10/28/2015 - 1:06pm by JLAROSA
DeWolfe: Library Music Heard Around the World Just a few years shy of their one hundredth anniversary, DeWolfe Music has long been one of the most successful and prestigious library and custom music... Read More
08/23/2015 - 9:18pm by Sarrett
Most people believe that you must possess a special talent to sing. I have found to my delight in over 16 years of teaching experience that this really isn't true. So with that in mind, I would like... Read More