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Dodd Select Chorale of Freeport performance/Mrs. Spruill

Lesson Tips

You are not a blank slate. You are NOT a blank slate. You come with your own individual and unique energy/will. I have seen Mc Lesson methods--in fact--at times, I was deeply complicit in... Read More
The way learning and memory works, is we remember most the beginning and ending of each practice session, each concert we attend, each class lecture we hear. So if you practice a full hour without... Read More


My approach to teaching jazz starts with a fundamental understanding of chords, scales and arpeggios. Additionally an understanding functional harmony is necessary. Once all of these things are... Read More
There are many facets to singing as most music educators know. Breath support, posture, and communication of the song are the most important. Does the average person know about these things as well... Read More