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Guitar Student proudly performing at the Maestro Maines Studio LLC Student Showcase
Steel Pan Player on Six-Bass

Lesson Tips

Being a Jazz improviser I use an improvised approach to warming up. Set a metronome to a moderate pace. Begin improvising quarter notes. Focus on even notes and control the volume. Stay as relaxed... Read More
There are way too many myths about making music for an audience! Most performers seem to think that a profound performance came about by luck. I don't think so! We should always plan adequate... Read More


Music Review: Tania Stavreva, Pianist Rhythmic Movement: A Modern View of the Classical Music Recital in the 21st Century The Metropolitan Room, July 27, 2011 by Steve Holtje, Read More
What's the difference between Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic? Not much, as it turns out: Scottish Gaelic is basically just an older, more conservative form of Irish Gaelic.  The Scots or... Read More
There are many facets to singing as most music educators know. Breath support, posture, and communication of the song are the most important. Does the average person know about these things as well... Read More