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Masterclass with students from Millersville University

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   "I've met great, amazing minds in my career, some of whom may be reading this, and one thing is common: They do not let on all they know, to the public or to acquaintances and even... Read More
I recommend that for any beginners including children, that they commit to at least 15 minutes every single day. At the beginning stage, it is and how much time he practice but that you practice... Read More
CONCEPTS AND PRECEPTS Why Do You Want To Sing? As you peruse this question, let us address why you should want to sing. In order be a successful singer you must have an incessant desire to sing. As... Read More
One of the biggest points of confusion in the world of singing technique is the erroneous belief that the terms "Falsetto" and "Head Voice" mean the same thing. Sadly, far too many voice teachers... Read More


To belt or not to belt? This is often a controversial question within the singing community. Part of the controversy lies in a preconception about the term “belt” and how it is used in musical... Read More
 Reamping is a creative tool in itself. It just cannot accomplish what some are trying to use it for: To replace recording the amplifier with microphones as the artist plays it live, in real... Read More
Music Review: Tania Stavreva, Pianist Rhythmic Movement: A Modern View of the Classical Music Recital in the 21st Century The Metropolitan Room, July 27, 2011 by Steve Holtje, Read More
I haven't had the opportunity to hear cellist Gregor Piatigorsky (1903-1976) in a live concert. A good colleague of mine attended his concerts and described a scene where this big Russian man would... Read More