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Anna Chepikova performing at the JW Marriott Starr Pass resort in Tucson, AZ

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If the guitar had only one string, it would be quite easy to understand the mechanics of the guitar fretboard. It would be laid out just like a piano, where the further to the right you go, the... Read More
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The root of many a vocal problem lies in breath support and control. After all, air is the thing that MAKES your sound! When facing issues ranging from high notes to sustained notes to focused... Read More
Warming up will ready you for meatier things to come in your musical making experience! Practice long tones, scales and etudes slowly using lots of air BEFORE playing tunes and songs/pieces.... Read More


While some people might think that they are naturally good or naturally bad at singing, there are many techniques singers learn to produce their best sound. Singers must spend time practicing various... Read More
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